TQM Consulting

                                                      A Design-Build Consulting Service

TQM Consulting


TQM Consulting is a Total Quality Management consulting service for Clients seeking the most for their development projects. Offering assistance in all phases of the Design-Build process, TQM can provide invaluable forethought and experience to clients and their designers during the entire development process.


Initiating the necessary and prudent thoughts, while making the correct decisions early, establishes the

Project Compass.

But it is the application of experience throughout the development process that keeps the project focused and on target - making TQM Consulting the service of choice.


TQM strives to help clients realize the most for their money, establish the quality and continuity desired for the overall development approach, and to deliver upon the promise agreed to. Providing hands-on experience with the coordination and management of  the design and construction processes, TQM can help owners to establish and maintain their budgets, implement the necessary planning to start and keep the project focused, and maintain the proactive thought process required to deliver the quality and value desired ----- thus offsetting the consulting cost experienced by the client – many times over.




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