TQM Consulting

                                                      A Design-Build Consulting Service

Professional Bio –

Being a student of the School of Environmental Design (Architecture), combined with 30 years of Construction Management experience, Keith understands the importance of bridging the partnership between design and construction to help clients maximize the results of their investments. As the lead manager on previous design-build projects, Keith knows how to coordinate, expedite, manage, and lead the development team from conception through completion. His creative, cost conscious, and proactive forethought helps clients to not only maintain their budgets, but start projects on point.
Keith has been associated with projects ranging from high rise structures to 100-acre developments for both new construction and renovation. He has built and led teams using contract methods of design-build, cost plus fee, lump sum, and guaranteed maximum cost. He understands the importance of each step associated with the design and building  processes and can help to facilitate the execution of each accordingly.

Keith's success can best be defined by his ability to bring people together and establish strong teams. He manages with integrity, leads by example, develops relationships, and knows how to negotiate and sell the project requirements. He stays responsive to the team's needs, maintains good and accurate communications, and understands the importance of good records. He is attentive to the details of the work, knows how to solve problems, stays focused on the long-term plan, and is analytical and proactive in his thought process. Keith understands that the highest of Quality is normally achieved the first time in, not after something has to be torn out and re-done.  


What distinguishes Keith from others in the industry is that he truly has a passion for what he does. He enjoys studying the project and developing a good plan from the start. He works well with clients and their consultants to maximize what is eventually delivered. And he delivers what was promised because he remains focused, motivated, and positive while working with the project team. Keith is a committed builder; but more importantly, he is an analytical and creative leader  that knows how to bring people together to successfully achieve a common goal. 



"The quality of a person's life is directly proportional to their commitment to excellence."