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The below information represents excerpts from professional reference letters or recorded comments, that have been received from the respective parties on Keith Faust’s behalf.



Clients / Owners


“Keith’s help in budgeting and value engineering of the project was invaluable and I was pleased that the final guaranteed maximum price was within $50,000 of our budget (less than 1%). This allowed us to protect our yield on the investment. This budget was also set at a time when construction prices were increasing significantly, a further tribute to his ability to bring the project in on budget.” “I was also very impressed with building close out manuals – it was very complete and thorough. We haven’t seen one like it before.”


Client:              Steve Guinn

                        VP Highwoods Properties

Projects:          Triad Centre III, ThyssenKrupp Headquarters, Comcast Headquarters



“Mr. Keith Faust, who has served as Project Manager, exemplified the term Professionalism.”  “ He has represented your company well and has a sincere commitment to excellence” “There was never a time that our school system felt as if it was not being kept informed about the project.”


Client:              Mark Beal

  Superintendent of Houston County Schools

Projects:          Houston County School Projects



“The entire team has been very professional, highly committed, extremely informative, and pleasantly cooperative throughout the preconstruction and construction phases of our program. You helped us to get our program in budget and off the ground with your preconstruction budgeting and value engineering efforts.”


Client:              Phillip Wallace

                        Superintendent of Stewart County Schools

Projects:          Stewart County School Projects



“Initially the committee was apprehensive about the fast-track/design-build approach to construction which was necessary because of time constraints. It eliminated the normal process for design, preparation of plans, and bidding process; but our ability to speed up the design/construction saved us time and money.” “The committee especially recognizes and commends your project manager, Keith A. Faust for being innovative, open and candid to all, efficient and precise in performing his responsibilities to this project. Keith is greatly responsible for a successful conclusion.” 


Client:              Ralph W. Pulley, Jr.

                        Chairman, Gaston Ave. Restoration Committee

Project:            Criswell College Project



“Such is refreshing when consideration is given to the delays experienced in other projects under previous bond program projects. The general contractor (Keith Faust as manager) should be commended for performing such a remarkable feat, particularly when so few others have accomplished the same in recent years.” “The degree of quality control was impressive.”


Client Rep:      Donald E. Hood

                        Consultant for U.S Federal District Court

Project:            A. Maceo Smith High School             





“It was a unique project. We had to jump through hoops and work the numbers in short time frames. He would point out our omissions and work with us to reach a solution. We truly worked as a team. Keith was a professional.”


“Keith is detailed. If he told you that he was going to do something, you did not have to worry – he got it done. He was very influential in the field, he was hands on, and if there was a problem – he already knew about it and had a solution. He was totally in control. He is a top notch manager.


Architects:       Greg Schone and Dutch Wicks

                        Principle Architects with Philip Swager & Associates

Project:            Criswell College         



“He is great project manager. He controlled the project and kept a good relationship with the owner. He was very responsive and we talked through any problems. His project close-out manuals were the best I’ve seen. He finished the project on time and with good quality amidst several subcontractor bankruptcies.”


Architect:         Monty Zajicek

                        Principle Architect with SHWC

Project:            A. Maceo Smith High School



Contractors / Employers


“In the five years that Keith worked for Montgomery Martin Contractors, his project mindset was always geared toward meeting the client’s expectations. His dedication to a successful delivery of our Cost – Quality – Schedule mindset for projects was good and positive. His professionalism as we created the new processes and procedures utilized to manage our projects were exemplary.”


Employer:       Montgomery Martin

                       President of Montgomery Martin Contractors, Memphis, TN

Employment:  2005 thru 2010 as Division Manager / Sr. Project Manager           



“He is a talented and detailed guy. Architect and Owners love him. He is client oriented and will give the client the best product possible and still make money for the company. He is the best project manger I have seen at doing this. I’ll give a reference on him anytime.”


Mentor:            John Avila

                        Currently President of Byrnes Company, FW, TX

Employment:   (1980 thru 1994 - immediate supervisor at Linbeck, Mellon Stuart, & Manhattan    companies)



“His abilities were outstanding in light of the difficulties we were experiencing at the time. I was sent to shut down the operations in Texas and he was one of the few bright spots. Things were not going well yet he worked hard to carry out his responsibilities in the interest of his employer and the client. He was instrumental in the closeout of several projects. He is a professional. He is tenacious. He has the human qualities that are rare and make him stand out. He has character, integrity, strong work ethic. If you have the desire and ambition like him, you can learn the rest.”


Employer:       Nick Alcorn

                       VP of Operations for Mellon Stuart Company, PA

Employment:  1984 thru 1986 – supervisor specifically during company’s exit from TX